What do we do?

We are interested in the factors that influence infectious disease transmission in natural populations. For directly transmitted parasites, transmission between conspecific hosts is largely determined by host social behaviour. Our research focusses on how biotic and abiotic conditions modify this social behaviour. Work in the lab mostly uses the guppy and its gyrodactylid parasites to investigate how changes in these ecological conditions, and hence transmission, may drive evolutionary change in both the host and parasite.


On the ‘Research’ pages, you’ll find descriptions of the work (completed, in progress, and planned), and how it all fits together. If you’re interested in joining the lab, or if you have any comments please contact me (Jess) – I’m excited to hear what you think.


You can also find me on ResearchGate, Google Scholar and Twitter (@jessfstep). Download my CV– I last updated it in April 2017 – or contact me at jess.stephenson@pitt.edu

Yes. I did base the lab logo on the Steelers’. When in Rome…